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Hooked On Fishing Takes a Wrong Turn

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This program supported much of what I was able to accomplish in youth fishing related activities for the past 7 years.

Many thousands of goodie bags were filled and raffle tables supplemented for ISA events during this time because of this program.

Hundreds of other organizations depended on this for their events as well, and I'm very sad to see it go.

This creates a huge void that needs to be filled, unquestionably.



It is with great sorrow and regret that we announce that Hooked On Fishing International (HOFI) is no longer able to support the operations of the Kids All-American Fishing (KAAF) program. For 20 years we have worked with community-based organizations and agencies to introduce and promote the recreation of fishing to young people and their families. Through the support of our corporate partners, we have provided the KAAF fishing derby support kit and other planning and promotional resources to organizations wishing to host an on-water fishing event for their community.


Due to changing corporate priorities and market conditions, our key partners have chosen to devote their resources elsewhere and our efforts to secure new alliances have been unsuccessful.


We at HOFI would like to thank the numerous individuals representing the thousands of organizations and agencies with whom we have worked over these many years. Many have been with us from the very beginning when we introduced Kids All-American Fishing for the simple purpose of getting more kids fishing. We believed then as we still do today that no activity provides families a more enriching opportunity to reconnect and to experience the outdoors.


In 1987, the program's first year, we supported just over 60 fishing derbies in 28 states. The KAAF program grew to the point where 20 years later we supported nearly 1,900 events across the entire U.S. Over the years and through the tireless efforts of thousands of community volunteers, the KAAF program helped put fishing rods and reels in the hands of over eight million youngsters!


We offer our thanks and tremendous gratitude to you for helping make the Kids All-American Fishing program possible. Though we are unable to be a part of your future events, we hope Illinois Smallmouth Alliance will continue to offer the fun of fishing to the families within your community.


We wish you the very best!


The Staff of HOFI, Inc.

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Key statement in that notification:

Due to changing corporate priorities and market conditions, our key partners have chosen to devote their resources elsewhere and our efforts to secure new alliances have been unsuccessful.

That is the downward spiral that needs to halt.


Those key partners include Wal-Mart, Zebco, Fuji Film, Eagle Claw, Berkley and many, many others.

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Guest One More Cast


Things to think about when you make your next fishing purchase.


Does Wally World display ISA signs and membership applications? There are a more than a couple of Indie shops (and even BPS) that do.


Does EBay donate to the ISA? How many of you have made a purchase from them in the past year?


When you are at the ISA Blowout, take a look at who donated what. Supoport our donors whether they are Big Box stores or Indie Shops. The next time you are in contact with one of our donors, tell them you saw their donation at the Blowout and that you appreciate them. The hardworking folks who go and get auction items will thank you.


Didn't see you favorite store donating something to the Blowout? You might mention it to them the next time you make a purchase.


Most importantly, the next time there's a call for volunteers to plant/clean-up/teach/(especially with kids) or donate.............. be the first to raise your hand.



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Excellent point, Joseph.

The only exception I would make is that Zebco continues to offer a ton of support for kids and fishing and will likely continue to do so in the future.

It isn't clear which specific corporate giants chose to direct their efforts elsewhere, but collaboratively it managed to kill off the only program of it's kind in existence.

An astounding effort while it lasted.

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