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2008 Bronzeback Blowout

Mike Clifford

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Online purchasing is available for the 2008 ISA Bronzeback Blowout.

Please follow the link below for more information.


You have the choice of sending a check in the mail or by purchasing online via PayPal.


After submitting the name(s) and hometown(s) of those you will be purchasing tickets for, you will be redirected to a page with payment information.


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February will fly by as it always does....so get ready the Bronzeback Blowout is almost here. The speakers lined up for this year are second to none. The food is always great. We're gathering up some fantastic raffle prizes and the silent auction trips are beyond compare!


Here are a couple links to silent auction trips won in 2007 that will again be offered up for this year's Blowout.






And here's a link to a trip to Belize that will be one of our many silent auction trips this year!





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....add a day of free guiding to the Belize package.


One of the area's best fly fishing guides, Arthur Vernon (who will also guide spin tackle if needed), will provide one free trip. When I saw him last he had just come off 2 straight days of grand slams (bonefish, tarpon, permit).


Here are some online references that mention Arthur (Junie).








And here are some links for the resort.







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