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Canoe & Kayak guide

Rick D.

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For those looking into the future for a canoe, kayak, inflatable, PFD or paddle get the Dececmber/Janurary Canoe & Kayak Magazine.


It is the 2008 Annual Buyers Guide with the manufacturers, products and details for the inquiring boater.

I have these since the early 90's and find them handy when looking for, information about or sharing with others in search of a paddleborne watercraft.


Check at a hard copy stand in your area.


Fuel for thought,

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As an ISA member with an equal interest in canoeing, I find that when my wife and I are not paddling with the Prairie State Canoeists (PSA) of which we and 500 other interested local paddlers are members, I get quite excited about float fishing for river smallies with my 17' Wenonah Spirit II kevlar canoe.


For added stability, I equip my canoe with sponses (pontoons), attach a trolling motor to a side motor mount, and clamp on a Bottomline Fishin' Buddy fish locator which has both vertical and horizontal transponders.


Paddlin' with my wife . . . and float fishin' with the guys . . . now that's a lifestyle I truly appreciate! Couldn't agree more with Rick's suggestion to purchase the Buyers Guide if you're a potential paddler. Each annual edition includes a wealth of valuable information about the sport, including descriptions about each watercraft plus info associated with equipping and paddling your watercraft . . . so if the spirit moves you, go for it. I found the guide to be an excellent resource before I bought my canoe . . . and now that I have one, I still look forward the this annual edition. Trust me . . . a canoe is not a canoe is not a canoe. The selection and options are limitless, so be an informed consumer before investing in a paddlin' watercraft plus all the required or desired accessories.




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In addition, anyone into Kayak fishing really should get the new book by Jeff Little. I have it and it is outstanding. Not only about Kayak fishing, but also some great tips about targeting trophy smallmouths.


.... and the title of the book is.... drumroll please..... ____________________

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