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Gummy Minnow

Rob G

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One more and I'll quit for now. I'm trying to show a few effective flies that are not a Woolly Bugger, (which by the way I use a bunch) For those few that haven't seen this "tie". It's a Gummy Minnow and it really has a nice crippled minnow action just like its larger brethren, the Zoom or Berkley Shad. It does tend to catch some wind on the cast so I tend to use a slightly heavier leader with this one. It is weighted with non-lead wire but it doesn't get deep quickly. We won't get into the whole thing about whether this is even a fly or not because of its construction, I'll leave that for another discussion. :P



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Rich, you're right in that the Sili skin material is kind of pricey but as long as I can keep them out of the darn trees, tied with a stainless hook they will last forever. I don't agree with the fact that it is really hard to work with, once you get the hang of it you can really crank them out, I mean if I can do it then anyone can. Now if I could only say the same thing about size 24 midges.

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Guest One More Cast
besides some coloring with a marker , that is about as close to puting a piece of plastic on a hook as one could get. rich


You're right, Rich. I like the way they track in still water but they don't look right at all in moving water.


I'll tie and fish a Clouser any day before a Gumy Minnow.



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