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Light Action Baitcaster & Md Action Caster SOLD!!


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Thank you kindly to fellow ISA Members........ Scott for purchasing the CALCUTTA 50C light action casting reel - I hope you two will

enjoy each other's company for many casts to come!!!!!


Thank you to our Pres..Rich for the lead on the Fishing Swap Meet - found a guy that wouldn't buy the 5'6 Berkley MVP casting rod

but he was willing to swap it for a 6'6 MH Shimano Carbomax caster - I think we both made out on it.

He got the lighter rod he wanted - I got the extra MH Caster I'll need for fishing the jungle cover of Green Lake River Reservoir (isn't

that an oxy-moron???) in Kentucky or beautiful Lake Cumberland when I visit my other parents (in-laws).

It cost me a whopping $5 and my rod to make us both happy!!


Weather made the drive real dicey to Shabbona on Saturday - white knuckle commute.

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