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My favorite Clousers

Rob G

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Ok, I'll play along. These three Clousers are what I toss probably 50% of the time. A sculpin or crayfish (whatever you think) brown over orange. I personally on my home waters find this the least effective but I have friends that find it their most effective in many other places. Next is what I call "baby smallmouth" mixed olive and yellow over white. It very closely matches the coloration of our smallies. And finally my creek chub or shiner, grey over white. Does anyone have color combinations they really like as I would love to hear about them, but please don't tell me chartreuse over white. :lol:



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Ok- here is where we start to play with our new forum.

All the photos are going to need to be resized within a set of parameters when you post.


Our first one here is too large.


Check this page you are submitting content to, and you will see what I mean:


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Great timing for this thread!


please don't tell me chartreuse over white.


Heh, just finished tying my first batch of clousers this winter. I won't tell you what color :P


Next round will probably be "seafoam" over white with green flash. (Got the seafoam bucktail at a saltwater fishing site, it's a good blend between olive and green and grey).


Next might be rapala colors: black over grey over white with silver flash.


And finally I might try an all black clouser this year. I don't know if it makes sense to have something 4-5 inches and all black and I'm not sure what, if any, flash to use.


That's it so far, but I'll bet I'll learn a combo or two on this thread!


-jamie s

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Rob, I'll be the first to say that there is no right or wrong when tying a fly, the fish are the only judges that matter. But I noticed that you used no flash in your clousers, just wondering why not?

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Craig, if you look real closely you'll see that I always use 6-8 strands of crystal flash in each although the camera doesn't seem to be picking it up well. It's most easily seen in the blown up gray over white. I'm pretty sure I used rainbow crystal flash on the bottom two and root-beer crystal on the orange over brown. You do realize that if you're not semi-color coordinated that the fish will just ignore them :D

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