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iSPACE Still Alive

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November 2007


Dear Partners for Parks and Wildlife supporter:


iSPACE Still Alive.

Partners for Parks and Wildlife is continuing its efforts to make sure the final capital budget plan includes iSPACE. Here is an update on where we are today:

• The House and Senate passed resolutions calling for $100 million annually in new funding to protect open space as part of any state capital spending plan.

• Dozens of conservation, outdoor and sportsmen’s groups called and emailed their legislators encouraging them to support iSPACE.

• 37 conservation, outdoor and sportsman organizations signed on to actively support the iSPACE proposal.


Please join the Partners for Parks and Wildlife in championing

iSPACE: Illinois Special Places Acquisition, Conservation, and Enhancement Program


iSPACE will invest in Illinois’ future by protecting open spaces for future generations by providing $150 million annually in a capital spending plan for conservation programs. These funds will be designated for:

• A new statewide land acquisition program (similar to the Open Land Trust) to protect the State’s most precious natural resources and provide recreational opportunities.

• Partners in Conservation (formerly C2000) for habitat restoration and management grants.

• Implementation of the Hunting Heritage Protection Act by increasing the amount of land acreage available for hunting opportunities.


Ask your legislator to:

• Make sure iSPACE is part of the final capital budget.

• Illinois is dead last in the Midwest and the bottom third Nationally for protected open space.

• iSPACE is a critical step in protecting habitat that is threatened by development and quickly rising land prices.


Take action in support of open space acquisition funding!

Contact your state representative to ask them to push for the inclusion of iSPACE program in any new capital spending plan. To find your state legislator, click here:



For more information, contact:

• Jack Darin, Sierra Club: 312-251-1680x7

• Peter Murphy, Illinois Association of Park Districts: 217-725-7755

• Susan Donovan, The Nature Conservancy: 312-339-9144

• Beth White, The Trust for Public Land: 312-427-1979 x101

• John Gaudette, Illinois Environment Council: 312-685-0585

• Lenore Beyer-Clow, Openlands 312 863-6264


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