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I am glad to see you caught my drift. Before August 15, when I made that comment, OMC was a nice site. Adding pics since then has really kicked it up a notch. Continue to showcase your fine looking shop. If the cost is not prohibitive, a virtual tour would be the best way to do it justice.


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Since we're on the subject of website improvements - now trying to be productive/proactive instead of clowning... This is an idea that I would personally benefit from and might draw many more people to your site...especially fly tiers.


I don't think it would be too much trouble for you to set up a webcam in your shop and put it on the front page of your website. Based on articles I've read (that you have written) and stuff you have said, it sounds like you and Bob tie a bunch of flies. So, here is what you could do with that webcam:


  • During shop hours - Focus the webcam on your fly-tying vise. I'd love to be able to stop by and watch when I have a few minutes

  • During events/meetings - Focus the webcam on the speaker/meeting and enable an audio bridge on your PC. It would be great if I or others could participate in meetings even when we cannot be there in person.

  • Web clinics - You could hold web clinics on fly tying or other interesting topics at any time.

  • When the shop is closed - You can keep an eye on it.


Oh, and to go with the webcam, add a side-bar blog with daily comments and tips. This would really make your site unique and definitely draw visitors on a daily basis. Of course, the business up-side to all this traffic is that you could actually start generating ad-revenue like those other fly fishing bloggers - except that yours would have more and continuous content updates. The other upside is that someone in Boise Idaho might see you tying that crazy minnow thing and want to order some. Before you know it, this could spawn an internet business.


The possibilities go on and on. Heck you could even post a schedule of when you plan to tie what fly so I would know when to stop by your site. This, in turn would lead to statistics on which flies are of most interest based on "hits" during tying sessions. This kind of technology is the stuff you can find at Fry's or Best Buy, so it is pretty mature and inexpensive. The web and computer-based communication are a wonderful thing. I'd love for you to be one of the first to incorporate it into your fly fishing business.


I'm start to expand the idea, but you get my drift. You could start simple with a webcam and blog so I can visit your shop every day even though I live 20 miles away.


- Kevin

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