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smallies for breakfast

Jonn Graham

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So it's Monday morning after a great weekend of fishing. Gotta go to work like everyone else. Hate Mondays! How can I spice up a cloudy, windy morning???? Going fishing before work...............of course - why didn't I think of that sooner.


Anyway, I hit a wintering area before work. Woke up early, threw on some clothes, and off I went. I fished for 30 minutes and was able to catch one nice 15 inch smallie on the float n fly. Made my day, and made Monday not seem so bad.


Maybe I will make breakfast with the smallies a habit? Stay tuned.

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You guys are going to need to give me a spot that I don't have to walk thru mud to get to the Fox... My wife has caught on that I stop to fish EVERY night... MUD ON THE SHOES is a dead give away...

I have to stand there and say "yes dear I went fishing agian that is why I am late for dinner"

Plus... I have three pair of dress shoes to wear to work becasue it never fails that at least one or two pair are still soaking wet from walking in to get my fish!

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