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Thanks ISA!

Steve S.

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Last night my daughter and I attended the Chicago Blackhawks game, courtesy of one of last year's Blowout raffle prizes. The seats we were able to reserve were great! Despite the outcome, we had a great time, though I have been to three home games this year during which the Hawks went 1-2! Maybe I should stay away!


These are warm memories for me, being able to witness my daughter's developing passion for the sport of hockey. What a great way to get some bonding time for me! The Chicago club FINALLY has a collection of exciting, young talent, with newcomers like 19 year old Jonathan Toews and 18 year old Patrick Kane turning veteran NHL players inside out with their skills. The team is young and exciting to watch and I hope this is something with which the younger fans can identify. Hockey has been a joke in Chicago for a decade. I hope this season marks the begining of a new era.


Thanks again to those that made the Hawks tickets available. Your efforts are appreciated.

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Steve - glad to see you enjoyed your visit. I have also been a fan that stayed away due to the

Ho-Hum team and ridiculous management scheme.


Unfortunately it took the death of a dinosaur owner, his eldest son pushing out the similar minded

younger sibling to get that house in order. What a shame all these years. They are a young, very talented

exciting group now. I hope it stays that way. I would love to be Denis Savard watching all of this potential

knowing Bob Pullford is gone and won't be breathing down your neck.


What a joke, to turn potential 35-40 goal scorers into muckers & grinders. It's been painful to watch for

so long that now I don't consider it a waste of time & money to pick up a game or two.

Our men's pickup games on Sunday mornings seemed to hold more potential & excitement than the recent

teams the Indian Head has fielded.


Hats off to the fella that put that one in the hat for the Blow Out!!!!!!

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I'm pretty sure I know who the fella is, and if so, he makes a habit of giving his all to the ISA.


It will be interesting to see if televising home games will generate more interest locally, especially since they now have a product worth televising.

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You are very welcome, Steve.

Serves as a reminder for me to get on the horn for the upcoming Blowout again.

It just seems to creep up on us every year!


I bought the 5 game Flex plan for us this season. All Friday nights.

We saw them beat Colorado in a thriller a couple weeks back, and will be there for St. Louis this Friday.


Red Rising.

These kids can play.

They get Havlat back, and things will get really interesting.

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Thinking about a flex plan myself once we get past the holidays/construction season ends. It may be too early to say this, but I'd like to have a shot at playoffs seats if this team can continue to improve and make the cut.


Havlat will be great to get back if he's healthy. I think he will have a different perspective on things once he returns, since last season he was the man, and now he has some competition. :)

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