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Chicago Region Meeting 11-4-07

Guest Don R

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Mr. Mike Norris will be our guest speaker for this meeting at Gander Mountain in Geneva.

Mike’s extensive knowledge of fishing covers techniques from basic innovative strategies. Mike’s expertise doesn't end on the water. He is a dynamic seminar speaker, radio host, outdoors writer and photographer and frequently a guest on TV sport shows.


Gander Mountain remodeled the "Lodge" meeting room. It's a bit smaller but can still hold about 30 members. Let's pack the house as we watch and listen to Mike's power point presentation on cold water bronzeback fishing. November 4th at 5 PM, Gander Mountain 2100 S. Randall Rd in Geneva.


I'll be sure to bring a bunch of plastics to raffle off.


Hope to see you there!

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We had 18 attend this meeting. Thanks go out to everyone for coming to the meeting and for purchasing raffle tickets! We decided to have 6 draws this time. Pretty good odds of winning something I'd say ;)


Eric's son Grant had the hot hand and took home two piles of plastics. I also threw in a couple swim jigs, two spinner baits, some quality worm hooks and other assorted tackle into the mix. Looks like Pat H will have to break out the spinning gear next year as she was also one of the winners. ;)


Our president, Rich McElligott spoke about the upcoming Dec 1 fishing swap/flea market. http://illinoissmallmouthalliance.net/foru...?showtopic=2199


Rich also gave us a teaser about next year's annual fundraiser, the Bronzeback Blowout. Next year's Blowout will be held one week later than usual. Hopefully by March 1st all the snow will be gone ;)

The speakers for next years Blowout will be Don LaBrose and Dave Csanda. Don will be talking about the improvements to the west branch of the DuPage River and Dave will speak about The Many Moods of Smallmouth Bass. Look for further details in the next newsletter!!


Fly Fishing Coordinator, John Loebach then spoke about upcoming Bassbugger events. The fly tying for lake Michigan smallies sounds cool. Spin fishers can also tie these on jigs! http://illinoissmallmouthalliance.net/foru...?showtopic=2017 John also told the group that there will be another fly tying location and night in addition to the current schedule. The new location will be at Angler's International Resources in Palatine. Look in the event forum, calendar and upcoming newsletters for more details.


Northwest Region Coordinator, Gregg Stockey gave a brief presentation about the outdoor memoir that he wrote: Guests At The Buck Falls Club. Gregg read us an excerpt from the book and it gave us all a good laugh!


Mike Norris was the next man up to bat. http://www.mikenorrisoutdoors.com/ His presentation on cold water fishing tactics was very good! Mike had hurt his back earlier in the day and one could almost feel the pain watching him stand there...Ouch! After seeing the photos and hearing his Power Point presentation I think Mike inspired more than a few of us to try his approach fishing for cold water bronze sometime soon! His methods were used by a newcomer to smallmouth fishing, Karen H. The first three smallies ever landed by the newbee were 21",20" and 20.5"! The equivalent to bowling a 300 game your fist time out! Or three 300's for that matter!


Thanks again for making this meeting a success.


Don Rego

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