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Fly Shop Anyone?


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Guest One More Cast

You can make a small fortune in a Fly Shop.


1) First, start with a large fortune.


2) Give up most of your fishing time in exchange for 70+ hour weeks.


3) Network, teach pro bono, work the phones, drive 100 miles round trip to give a talk on fly fishing (they give you one of the Club's hats as payment) teach some more (also pro bono) wait on a customer for an hour, give them your rod to go test-fish and then the customer comes back, "No, thanks" and you find out he bought the same one on EBay, smile, teach some more.....


If I had the capital, there's another Shop in Minneapolis that I have my eye on. I could manage the commute ( I would have to cross 6 Trout Streams to get there) and I could placate my banker but not The Big, Old Brunette. I still love coming to work. If I didn't love this, I would have listened to my banker long ago.




.....but I did write this: http://www.onemorecast.com/ar_weekswork.htm

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Look at that net profit.


No wonder they are disappearing at an alarming rate.


Hang in there Joseph. If you were closer, I would be shopping at OMC.




Actually, I thought the net profit wasn't too bad - if it is real and if it didn't take much time of the owner. Of course, you have to ask yourself, why would a guy sell an investment that is making him a 20% net profit (full time trained staff...hmmm). You would have to be nuts to let it go. On the other hand, maybe a Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop is being built just a couple miles away.



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