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Clear Creek Lunker Installation Photos

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For those interested in the anatomy of a lunker installation, this should whet your appetite.

Just one of numerous projects the ISA has helped make possible, with many more to come.


We installed the lunkers last Wednesday, and finished the job

yesterday. We had a little break in there due to rain. It looks really

good. Attached are some pictures of the project. Feel free to share

them with the rest of the Alliance guys! Thanks bunches for your

help! Karen.

















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That is very cool.... a project to be proud to have had a hand in.


A companion thread that directly ties into this project needs a mention here.


Put it all together, and you get the whole picture, so to speak.

Building the Lunkers- Click Here!

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Looks great! I can't wait to fish or should I say "see" the results! Thanks to all that had a hand in this project.



Steve J and Steve S fish a section of the Apple River near Clear Creek


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What is a lunker installation? Erosion protection?


They control erosion as well as provide habitat, typically on fragile outside bends. Do a google image search and you'll find some good plan and cross section views that will explain it better than words.


The ISA has been involved in this from early on. We started by assisting the DNR in a pre-rehab creek sampling. From what I understand, this was to quantify the existing species and their densities. Then, we assisted is the actual on land construction of the structures. (This was done on a Saturday during some prime fishing time. Thanks Jim and Stan!)


The actual installation (backhoes, rip-rap, all that fun stuff) was done recently. I don't believe any ISA members were involved in the construction stage. The next stage that we will be involved in will be the post-rehab sampling. I'm not sure when this will take place, but I assume it will be an ongoing thing. The DNR will compare the before and after sampling data and we'll be able to see hard evidence of our restoration effort.


Great project!

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The second picture shows some rip-rap installed from one side of the creek to the other. That is not part of a lunker structure. My guess is that it was installed as a route for the equipment to track across without damaging the creek bottom.

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Very observant, Jude.

I'm in the construction business, and kind of took it for granted that's what the purpose of the stone there was.

We tend to just toss that around where and when we need to get equipment (especially the truck I drive) from point A to point B, and it certainly appears they have done that here.



I'm pretty certain you will have similar opportunities to participate in projects like this in your neck of the woods. Give a few shouts out to those in your area that might benefit from our grant program and ask them to apply for '08.

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Guest rich mc

itwas thru isa grant program that enabled this to get started . i will have the whole money and matched funds in the newsletter. it took 4000 to get it going, we started with approving 2000, got a grant for 1500 from the federation of fly fishers and 250 from the rock river flycasters . total amount was about 35,000 when it all said and done. Trout Unlimited had a major role in this.

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Are they, or the state, planning on stocking trout in Clear Creek??


They're in there year-round, Steve, lunkers or no. That program isn't attached to the bank work.


They'll be watching to see who and what uses the lunkers and they're expecting the trout and smallmouth to both benefit.

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