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Lake Davis California: Fear and Fishing

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Sometime in the last decade, some genius decided they would enhance the fishery of Lake Davis, a mountain reservoir in Northern California, by illegally introducing northern pike.


Northern pike are a threat to the native trout and salmon in that system and in the whole state. California Fish and Wildlife decided to remove them. I was in California when some of the first kill-offs of Lake Davis were attempted. I'm not sure how high the count is right now, but they've tried several times to remove invasive pike by killing off the whole lake with rotenone. It hasn't worked yet. The lake is a drinking supply for a local town there...you can imagine the rest. The screaming scenes at the end of the clip are the real deal.


As an aside: The "expert" with the glasses in the movie clip is Peter Moyle, an internationally known ichthyologist and one of those rare academics who is a genuinely warm, approachable person. I had the pleasure to know and work with him during my brief stint at UC Davis.


Edit: Sorry, too much stuff on my mind. Here's the link:





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