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Island For Sale (On the Kankakee)

Mike Clifford

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Maybe if we all pool our money together?





This private wooded 10-acre island at the Kankakee River is located just 60 minutes from downtown Chicago near Wilmington, Illinois. The island is located in Will County, which is the fastest growing county in Illinois and one of the top 10 fastest growing counties in the United States.


A separate 3-acre undeveloped island is adjacent to the main island and is included in the asking price. Also included is a 0.72 acre lot on the shores of the Kankakee River with a caretakers house and easy access to the island. A three bedroom log cabin is also on the island; it includes a kitchen full bath, family room with fireplace, a gas furnace with central air, a screened-in front porch and a large wooden deck off the side of the house. Natural gas runs throughout the island; electricity is supplied by a power company. Rainwater is collected, filtered, and supplied to the cabin by a 1,000 gallon water tank.


The cabin is set in a large open grassy area which is suitable for a helicopter landing pad, a desirable feature for a corporate retreat. There are many walking trails throughout the 10 acre island. It is great for many outdoor activities such as bird watching, fishing, boating, jet skiing and hunting. Natural wildlife is abundant on and around the island.


Adjacent to the island is 32,000 acres of federal and state park land.


The Price?

A measly $1,300,000

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