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How Much Do You Really Know About IL Rivers and Streams?

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This is the kind of stuff one can find when digging for C2000 grant projects that have taken place over the years. Chances are, you'll find a project that has taken place not far from you.


As the saying goes..."The More You Know...."


Title: Evaluation of the South Batavia Dam Removal on the Fox River, Illinois

Description: This project will assess effects of complete removal of the South Batavia dam on the Fox River. Data collected will add to data collected during pre- (2002–2003) and partial-removal (2003–2005) phases, enabling an assessment of complete removal effects on physical/chemical habitat, invertebrate and fish assemblages and fish movements. This additional data is crucial to understanding the effects of dam removal on Illinois rivers.


Exec 2/5/2007 Exp 3/31/2009 Complete? NO Date

Classification Research Partnership Fox River

C2000 $34,056.00 Match $5,400.04 Total $39,456.04

Grantee Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois

Contact Dave Wahl; Kaskaskia Biological Station

Address R.R. 1, Box 157; Sullivan, IL 61951

Phone 217-728-4400 Email d-wahl@uiuc.edu

Project Accomplishments

Sites Monitored

Stream 2



Student 1

Volunteer 2

People Total 3


Search by IL watersheds, and you'll be amazed at how much you can learn!


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