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wading in Dupage County

Guest rich mc

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Guest rich mc

at the Dupage Forest Preserve Executive board meeting this morning they passed a motion to allow wading on rivers on Forest preserve property. They also thanked us for our work with the past events such as the fishing derby, military days and our clean ups . rich

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AMEN to that news. Are there any restrictions that you know of? Now if we could only get some smallies in the Duper. Thanks to anyone from this organization that had anything to do with this. I am sure you were a big help. From a newer member I think the things this organization does is great. Hope to free up some time to do more w/ you all.


Chris B

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This work started two years ago in a meeting between ISA officers and Brent Manning. At that meeting the ISA proposed changing the Forest Preserve ordinance that forbids wading. It took a while but the results are that the ISA got an ordinance from the 1950's changed to allow wading in the DuPage within Forest Preserve boundaries.


Pardon me for crowing but just another feather in the ISA cap.


Chris, since you're new, another one we did was to petition the IDNR for a smallmouth catch and release season. They responded with total catch and release on EVERY river and stream in Illinois between April 1st and June 15th. The only species reg like it in the state. (excludes the ILL river and the Miss)

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This is really great news. No longer will I have to smear my face with mud,crawl on my belly like a reptile and dive into clumps of stinging nettles every time I hear or see someone approaching. Perhaps we could work with the county by giving them river condition reports (log jams, illegal dumping,wildlife sightings). Also, is there any possibility of discussing access points, fishermen parking and canoe launches? Great job ISA! One more thought. Do we keep this news quiet in the fishing community, or do we crow about it ?

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From the Daily Herald:


It's safe to wade in DuPage County streams now


Go ahead. Plant those two feet right in the river bed.


And breathe a sigh of relief knowing it's finally legal.


DuPage County Forest Preserve District commissioners lifted a ban on wading in streams Tuesday, a policy shift sure to gain them popularity amongst anglers and kids.


Until now, stepping into any bodies of water in forest preserves was prohibited -- and still is in lakes and ponds because of steep drop-offs.


Pollution was a concern, too, in streams and the DuPage River.


Water quality is much improved now, officials said, and after lobbying from local fishermen, commissioners waded into the issue.


"If you're in the water, you're able to access up and down the stream," said Rich McElligott, president of the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance.


"Walking in the water gives you a better natural environment."


Before approving the revision, the district first checked its liability insurance and got a green light.


"Since our insurance company said it's OK, I say, 'Let them go ahead and wade,'" Commissioner Michael Formento said.


District Law Enforcement Director Tom Wakolbinger cautioned that wading in forest preserve streams requires common-sense precautions.


"People need to be careful around water of any kind," he said.


Officials also warned against wading after storms when the water level is high or when flooding's occurred.

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