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Frogg Togg rain gear

Guest Don R

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Hey Don,

I agree. I have never been very impressed with Frogg Toggs either. I knew a guy who only wore them in light rain. He said if it was really coming down he would wear other raingear that didn't leak like the Frogg Toogs. So the guy kept 2 sets of raingear in his boat. Does that make any sense? Good fishing.

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The Frogg Toggs have kept me dry but I haven't tried Off Roading with them, looks like I'll take a pass!

They're pretty good for a disproportion guy like me. Had one rainstorm that only an enclosure would have

kept us all dry. You just can't pull the drawstrings on the hood far enough in a monsoon.


I don't like them as much as the light-weight Gore-tex I had from the NAFC by joining as a Life Member.

The sad reality is whoever broke into my brother's truck and stole his golf clubs and PDA probably

threw out my excellent rain gear.

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