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Light Action Casting Reel & Md Casting Rod FOR SALE


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Time to do some rethinking.....


On the trading blocks - Calcutta 50 Light action baitcaster - gold/round series for those who know this one well. New brings $190 plus tax......Gently used $100 firm plus Post Office Shipping (Let's say about $107-$110 for argument sake)


Next... 5'6 Berkley MVP Select Lighting Rod, 1 pc Md Action casting stick. This is the short trigger handle model not the

pistol grip. New these were $60-$70.....I'll take anything more than $35 plus shipping. The rod has been used sparingly since I wade more and fish ponds a bit less. If you live that close to Darien,IL...... invite me out to fish and I'll deliver just like I did for BrianG....


Feel Free to P-M me for any details.

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Monty Hall just stopped by everyone.............He says "Let's Make a Deal!!!"


Any takers for both rod & reel for 1 price?? Both beautiful pieces with a matching end

table (picture that in your wading vest!) for $125......I pay all shipping costs.

That is the Shimano Calcutta 50 Light Action baitcast reel & Berkley Lightning Rod MVP 5'-6

Casting Rod, 1 pc Medium action - short trigger handle.


P-M me on what would sweeten this deal to take home....how about an assortment of

quality-name brand softbaits, cranks, free musky lure?? Homemade carrot cake over the



I am currently in a bit of a cash crunch by month's end, Lord knows I'll get thru it but

parting with some extras is not really a sacrifice

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