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I'm heading out west to visit several National Parks. Searched the internet and found out lead fishing equipment is prohibited in Glacier National Park. I visited Bass Proshop in Boilingbrook and asked for lures without lead. All they could find is Mini-mites. Evan most barrel swivels have lead in them. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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There is an entire article in the August/September issue of In Fisherman on this topic titled "State of the Sinker." You are correct, it lists jurisdictions with bans and in the U,S,. it says "no use of lead sinkers in 13 national wildlife refuges and Yellowstone National Park. In the article they have pictures of three products, Gremlin Green - Steel Split Shot Sinkers, Steel 2000 - Bullet Weights, and Thunder Bullets - Brass Weights. So, there are definitely products out there.

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You better get you some 20% OC Spray also for the Bears out that way. I backpacked in Glacier back a few years ago and the day before I left for the hike a couple got mauled by a Grizzly. I didn't get to see any but they do have a good number of them. The place is awesome and one of the most beautiful National Parks besides Yellowstone that I have ever been to. I met two Canadian farmers going out with Flyrods to fish at Dawn Mist Falls. They were getting Rainbows on just about every cast. It is a beautiful spot also.

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