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Warrior Jigs

Jonn Graham

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My father in law and I have been working hard these past few months on our jigs. Trying to work out a few glitches and working on ways to make a good jig even better. When it comes to our Ouchigon jig, I think we have had made some great improvements. For instance:


1. We now have incorporated a twin wire weedguard

2. While the head is still a football jig, we have went to a 60 degree hook eye. It seems this hook eye drastically reduces snags

3. We have went to an even better hook than before. We now use an Owner 60 degree, deep throat, cutting point hook. This hook is really something!!!


Here is a pic of our re tooled Ouchigon:




By the way, the Ouchigon jigs are $2.50 apiece for stock colors, and $3.00 apiece for custom colors. If you order a dozen, you do get a price break.

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For summer I usually just fish them faster and add on a bigger plastic trailer. Right now I have been having success throwing the jig with Chompers new twin tail trailer. The twin twister tails add a bunch of action when you lift the jig off the bottom and when you let it settle back down. You can check out the jig trailers at www.chompers.com

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Here are my stock colors:




COLOR LIST FOR 2007-2008


Halloween Craw: Pumpkin base with orange highlights


Mud Dawg: Brown base with purple highlights w/ black head


Whitey: White base with pumpkin highlights w/ pumkin head


Jaden’s Craw: Brown base with purple and chartreuse highlights


The Beagle: Black base with brown and white highlights w/ black head


Christmas Craw: Watermelon base with red highlights


Dime Store Craw: All pumpkin


Bruiser: Black base with a little blue


Midnight craw: Junebug base with a few strands of pumpkin and orange


Black n Tan: Black with brown highlights



Stock jig price: $2.50 each



Custom color combinations are $3.00 per jig

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Guest rich mc

i do like that starflash plastic a lot better. i experimented with the few bare lead heads you sold me. i enjoy the larger hook, football head. i tyed a few harry fodder type jigs with rabbit and the starflash, added a zoom trailer and outfished eric spinnerbait at shabbona last night. not by much rich

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