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Medium Fast / Medium Extra Fast

Jim Bubis

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With those options - I like the MXF action rod. gives up nothing in feel and when you put the

hammer down w/ those plastics you're bound to get better hook ups.

With smaller, more petite baits, I opt for a MF action. I tend to set the hook hard and the Med-fast

or even moderate action gives me that cushion. That's more suited for 3-4 inch grubs and smaller


Good luck - keep a tight line my friend!

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Just wondering what rod would be more suited to 4" & 5" Senkos / Yum Dingers. My options are a 6'6" MF or a 6'8" MXF.

Thanks for your input.



When open water fishing, ie free of weeds or wood, my choice is the 68MXF.


A 6-6 to 7ft MHF for fishing heavy cover areas, such as in and around weeds and wood.

The MH (Med Heavy) action more suitable to muscle those fish out of heavy cover.


The "MX" has a "softer" tip section.

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If he's throwing 4" Senko's I would guess a "slightly" softer tip meaning the MF.


A stiffer tip for throwing plastics?


The MF still as plenty of stiffness.


Of course this is all personal opinion.

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