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Hurricane Dean: Category 5

Tim Smith

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Not sleeping well tonight.


I know there's trouble all over the world. For most of you this is just another tragedy in a long, long list...but for me, this is where I work and where I used to live.


Just read a report that Hurricane Dean is now a category 5 hurricane with a 20 foot storm surge and 240 mile an hour winds. This is the biggest category of storm known on the planet and it is hitting a place with very few resources to help the people there. The area where I work won't take the direct hit, so I am hopeful the people I know will be safe. Unfortunately the people to the north of them are definitely not safe. Tulum, Chetumal, San Pedro and Corozal are going to take heavy damage.


Most people there will take shelter in concrete building, but I just saw that all the shelters in the largest city in the area, Belize City, were full before the storm hit. Some people will try to ride out the storm in their homes. In 2001 a much smaller storm, Iris, blew down the Belizean house we once lived in. There was nothing left but the posts. Quite a few of the people who are going to try to ride it out in their homes tonight will die.


I'll be thinking about Belize tonight.

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Thank you, Norm and those of you who PMed..


Southern Belize and Belize City come through perfectly fine...minimal storm damage.


Northern Belize and Mexico, I can't tell yet. Some mention of damage to houses so far. We'll see.




No fatalities in Belize, although most of the country lost power. Emails all encouraging and reassuring. This was probably a best case scenario for a category 5 storm. Minnesota fared much worse this week.


photos below;



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