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Fishing with distractions

Kevin Dells

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So with all the distractions out on the water i wonder if it makes you a better fisherman or not,just to name a few...


Wife talking to you IF you even take her

Cell Phones


Bad fishing line always coiling up

Bright sun

Huge Helicopters landing mid stream



Dogs barking

Property owners


Shore fishermen with ghetto Blasters

Huge Helicopters landing mid stream...... What you"ve never had a guy in a helicpoter sneak up and try to find your favorite fishing hot spot! Well i did today, what a sight!









The least he could have done is shared what lure he was usning before he scared them all away!


This is on the Cape Fear River about 30 miles from Fort Bragg Military base, seems they practice flying below the radar in the canyon, freaked me out as this thing came up the canyon at me at about 300 decibals,wind blowing everywhere from the chopper blades. Thought i was making a special appearance in the next Rambo movie!

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I know guys who think the black helicopters are following them, but you're the only one I know who really does!


I'm probably paranoid anyway, but I swear to God the Drug Enforcement Agency helicopters in Mendocino County used to check us out while we were doing field work for time to time. Mendocino County was the top producer of marijuana in the US and things got interesting around harvest time around there. The National Guard even showed up from time to time.


...but I never had a helicopter land on me during a fishing trip! Cool experience!

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I know guys who think the black helicopters are following them, but you're the only one I know who really does!



I was thinking of that exact post Scott from a few years ago when this happened today, and yes it was very cool to see and witness something with such force so close!


Tell you what i would NEVER want to go to battle with the US and some of it's warships! The way the sound bounced off the shoreline and canyon walls was just deafening, the whole time the pilots just smiling and waving!


I was waiting for fish to get sucked out of the water!

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I had a similar experience several years ago along the apple river although it was November and I was deer hunting at the time.I was on a stand along the river when a military type helicopter came roaring down the river valley.You are right about the noise that thing made,it sure rattled my cage.I later saw a game warden,and asked if they were using a 'copter and he said no they were not

Ed B

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Ed B.


I talked to a CPO on the way out myself, he said the army practices manuvers all the time in the canyon for a few reasons,one is flying below the radar and a canyon serves just that purpose, as well as hiding the sound inside the canyon. He was taking off and just about landing right on the surface practing for rappelling manuvers of the troops.


Made sense to me but they should post a sign letting you know this!

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