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Wiggle Tail Fluke Fly


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Rainy day creation. I’m calling it a Wiggle Tail Fluke Fly. Combining ppacchiarini’s wiggle tail with Jonathan Kiley’s fluke fly and using purple estaz, rabbit and a black holographic wiggle tail. Going to make it in Pearl and chartreuse also.  Easy to cast (7wt) and the movement is cool swimming just beneath the surface.  First test caught 3 species.  Largemouth, catfish and crappie. 


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Hook is a  PR350 2/0 ,Magnum cut rabbit,.35 lead free 11 wraps on back ,

Kileys version uses a medium thin finz
2mm foam 1/4 wide strip wrapped around hook   

This is the original versions I’ve tied 


Regular estaz (lightly trimmed on front  then coated with BSI Foam cure glue first then at very end after eyes are on a light coat of a flexible UV 

My Variations.  Dive blade, rattle, and wiggle tails (small or medium )

I attach the wiggle tail to a small swivel and connect it to fly using articulated wire  

Here’s his video on the original.  I’ve also made a bunch of his thin finz minnows and micro minnows with and without weight.  


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