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Shabonna Lake Outing


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Yesterday, my friend Doc Reid and I finally caught up with Rich McElligott on Shabonna Lake to collect on our Bronzeback Blowout silent auction outing. WOW!!! DID WE EVER HIT . . . thanks to Rich's guiding expertise on the lake on an absoluely gorgeous day.


Arrived around noon and fished until 8:00 pm. Started by fishing the flooded trees for crappies . . . if I recall correctly, we were near the Northeast Cove. The crappies were hitting on minows (of course) as well as on mini-mites that I was using.


We then head over to the earthen dam to target smallies. Well . . . the bass were also cooperative. By the end of the day, I caught 8 smallies, 5 crappie and a big ol' female catfish that spewed eggs all over Rich's boat. Sorry, Rich! Doc is older, so he lost count . . . but finished in the range of 6 smallies, 3 crappie, a smaller catfish, and a bluegill.


Our thanks to Rich for a most memorable outing. Needless to say, we'll be bidding on his outting again at the next Bronzeback Blowout.

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Guest rich mc

it was a fun time. we hit the trees in the east bay, they were deep12-18ft. steve now has a new favorite lure, the bitsy bug and zoom craw chunk which worked by the dam. rich

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