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Experimental nymphs

John Gillio

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This first fly was created to immitate a hellgrammite. I have had some luck with other hellgramite patterns for channel cats. My hope is this one will be an improvement over the old patterns.                 20200420_193650.thumb.jpg.50ee442aeb1beffeee10f2a8cc8dc35f.jpg

This next fly was created for trout. My plan was to use it in the South Branch Raritan in Jersey this summer, but I expect our annual trip there will be cancelled this yr. The guys at Shannon's fly shop tell me that large black nymphs work well there when the water is discolored.                     20200426_210132.thumb.jpg.02555f0e9a498c072f7e09a5cdb4a8ea.jpg

I would guess both patterns would work well on carp. Has anyone out there come up with their own creations this winter or during this time of sheltering in place.

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Thanks for the kind words guys.

Tom, not knowing what it is called, I'll show a photo of the feather used. It is the small piece of feather that is attached to each of these pheasant feathers.                                                               20200428_212535.thumb.jpg.c574637f94c27cc538ea7152b7d2bc1e.jpg

I placed the beads on the hook, then tied in a piece of this feather on to the right and left side of the fly.  The belly of the fly looks like the back. The hellgi is on a size 4 sproat hook the other is tied on a size 8 hook. I may tie some beaded ones on a size 4. I have had some channel cats hit other hellgrammite patterns on a size 2. The beads are glass. Smallies like hellgies too, but I haven't targeted them with it yet.

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6 hours ago, rich mc said:

i swapped some f;ies with john and i can say the 2nd fly is a bluegill slayer.we caught 20 to 9 inches and fly still looks great       iput it on my fly rod caught a few and grandson said let me try that.. never got it back . 

Glad it catches fish. Can't wait to try it myself, as well as yours.

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