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Are people intersted in a grassroots project???

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I don't know the opinions of others but it seems more needs to be done in Illinois regarding conservation. There are a lot of people who feel this way...


Can we come together with other clubs and organizations to let the Governor's office know what our views are?


I think if we can work together with other clubs and organizations it can make a difference...I know there are many who are frustrated, but this is one more thing we can do.


If we are able to get together for clean-ups and events...we are able to do this as well. I know many have strong feelings about politics, however, I simply propose a common letter to urge the Governor to make conservation a priority.


If we talk to other clubs and groups to do the same, we can make a more effective push towards improving conservation reform...I don't know how much of a difference it would make but it's still worth doing.


Just like our freedom, we need to fight for conservation. If we are silent, we are ignored.



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Guest rich mc

we have been working with other clubs and organizations and do have contacts in goverment. Mike Clifford is in the mainstream as far as what is going on conservation wise. we are regularly in contact with the idnr,forest preserves,friends of the fox, watershed groups and other clubs like drift,rock river fly casters, slsc, . our first ever grant program will only strengthen our relation ship with more people. we do have all the bases covered. rich

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I agree with Rich that the ISA does already represent an effective and growing grass roots conservation effort.


I also agree with Jim B that more needs to be done. This kind of interest is the lifeblood of every volunteer organization and I hope we can help you find the niche you're looking for, Jim.


Normally "activism" of the ISA occurs through specific, focused efforts on carefully defined problems or projects. The issues and demographics of "conservation" are wide and often at cross-purposes. Consequently, the politics of conservation can also be divisive and confusing. By focusing on providing substantive help to the organizations doing the actual work on the ground, the ISA sets itself apart from those conflicts. Probably for this specific reason, we tend to get a hearing on the occasions we choose speak.


People notice what we do. More than once angling conservation groups from other states have expressed admiration and envy at the things we have accomplished. Just as we use larger more established national groups as our example, other groups at earlier stages of development are watching us and emulating our successes. State agencies often approach us for help. Last year, Mike Clifford, our conservation director, was presented the "Heros of Conservation" award by the Lt. Governor for his work within the state.


The ISA is a great place to make a difference in conservation in Illinois. If you're looking for opportunities to help, keep an eye on the ISA activities list or step up and make a proposal for a project you're willing to lead. If you're interested in floating a specific proposal to the governor that a wide variety of groups in the state could support, outline what you have in mind specifically and get the discussion started.


If you're looking for practical places to plug in immediately, during the next 10 days, the ISA will be helping the IDNR with electrofishing surveys in the northwest part of the state (see the Northwest events board), and on Saturday, I will be presenting an ISA proposal for a Sentinel Angler program to the Patagonia Corporation. If funded, that program will equip anglers in the ISA to monitor the streams they fish through stream surveys and angler diaries and to assist to state agencies in responding to fish kills such as the one that occurred recently on the DuPage River. If and when we're funded, we'll be looking for volunteers to monitor their favorite rivers. Come out to the downtown Patagonia store to see the talk, demonstrate your support and show that the ISA stands ready to act on behalf of the rivers of our state.


Above all, find where your interests and and resources fit and jump in! The water's fine.

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Wow! Thanks for info. I agree with what the club is doing...picking specific projects and concentrating on successful completing is a great strategy!


I'm learning more and more about what ISA is all about. I'm happy to be a part of it!




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Can't say it any better than Rich and Tim already have here.

When the Calendar is updated completely to reflect the months ahead, you'll begin to see a pattern.

Every single weekend there is something happening.

It isn't always going to be conservation-related because we need to have a strong focus on the social aspects of the club as well, for obvious reasons.

Our Kankakee River Clean Up is done under the Adopt a River program developed by the Northern Illinois Anglers Association, and takes place in September as part of our partnership with "It's Our River" week statewide. Lt. Governor Pat Quinn started this a number of years ago.

We also host a Kids Casting event in Mr. Quinn's tent each year at the State Fair.


That sign posting project you have been clamoring to help with is as innovative as anything you will find in preserving our natural resources. We are only the second grass roots organization in the entire nation to pull something like this off, the first being the Riverkeepers group out East. Our reporting signs in particular are patterned after the success they had with theirs.

The smallmouth regulations (yellow) signs came about because the IDNR asked for our input on what the regulations should be. In the end we were extremely grateful to have had that input weigh heavily in their implementation.


What most members do not see in the public forums is the tireless work of a volunteer crew on a daily basis that makes this whole machine work.

All while raising families and holding regular jobs.

If these volunteers didn't have an undying passion to keep it going, we wouldn't be chatting about it on these boards right now.


I'm especially rejuvenated in my own efforts from seeing the enthusiasm that has been displayed by a number of our newer members as of late, yourself included, Jim.

This mindset really makes it easier for us to see all these projects through to completion.

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