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Central Illinois Fly Tying Gathering Jan. 27th 1-4 PM

Rob G

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Central Illinois Fly Tying Gathering will be held on January 27th, Sunday, and run from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  The location of the event will be in Bloomington, IL at the firehouse on 1911 Hamilton Rd. 61704.   Afterwards, the group will likely adjourn to Famous Dave's for a little BBQ and beverage.  All are welcome, both ISA and Non ISA members alike, as well as both the beginner and the more seasoned fly tyer. There is no cost to attend this event. 

For more information contact Rob G here at the forums.


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We had about a dozen show up on this cold winters day, but we had a  nice time tying a couple different patterns before later adjourning for a little BBQ.  Thanks go to John B. for helping the group tie a Slumpbuster and also thanks go to Gunnar for his tutorial on tying the mighty "high and tight".  

Hope to see everyone at the next fly tying gathering on March 3rd, Sunday, 1:30-4pm.  (Note the 30 minute later start time)  See the event calendar for more details. 

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.






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You got some good looking bugs there. For research purposes can you tell me the size and model of hook you used on them.

I will return the kindness in advance with a great tip on hooks for Brammer streamers.

Brammer has expensive tastes when it comes to hooks. Those Ahrex models he favors are about 80 cents each MSRP.  This hook a VMC 7250 is 15 cents.  Hooks that price are usually sold by 100s. But JannsNetcraft sells them in packs of 25 with the 3/0 pack going for $3.00. I got some 1/0s, 2/0s and 3/0s. The 3/0s are similar to the Ahrex 3/0 Predator Aberdeen model. I compared the 3/0 VMC to the Ahrex 3/0 PR Aberdeen specs published on the net.  The VMC is:

1. Same needle sharp

2. Same BLN finish

3. A tiny bit longer-@ 1 mm

4. Gape a tiny bit smaller @ 1-2 mm

5. Wire diameter heavier 1.4 mm vs 1.1 mm

If you do not mind the heavier wire, the VMC is perfect for your Brammer creations.



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The Slumpbuster above I tied on a Daiichi 1750 4xl, 1x heavy, straight eye hook in a size 6.  John recommended this size for trout though I'm sure it would turn a smallie's head as well.  Pine squirrel zonker was used for the top wing, though I do have some micro cut rabbit that could be trimmed to size which should work as well.  Btw, I have no idea what the recommended hook actually is, 3xl, 4xl ?

For the "high and tight" I used a Daiichi 2546 saltwater hook size 1 since I happened to have several that I could share with the group and it seemed appropriate for smallmouth.  No, I didn't use a 4/0 since we have very few Peacock bass in my area anymore, ever since I fished them out. 

Yea, those Ahrex hooks aren't cheap and I appreciate a less expensive alternative. 

At the next tie, maybe we'll tackle his other baitfish profile "long and tubular"  

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Tubular Dude!

The Mickey Finn a la Brammer, that I posted in another thread, is on a similar size 1 EC 455 (similar to the VMC 9255NI). Two less expensive alterntives.

Did you say trout fly? Any TDE #4 3-4 xl will do though the body materials are exotic.  I subbed sparkle dubbing and another synthetic hair that I had.


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