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Quick guide repair


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Save the guides off your old rods. Had the ceramic break on a guide the other day.I  Remembered I’d saved some from about 10 years ago  from an old rod had put them in a ziplock. I just heated up the windings on the rod with a lighter and pulled the broken guide out with a pliers. Mixed up a little epoxy coated the foot of the old guide that I had saved that was about the same size slipped it under the windings added a little more epoxy and I was good to go. Thanks 


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Good tip.

I'll go on further. Save the broken rod too. You can use sections of the old rod blank to make internal or external splints to fix broken rods.  I used a 4" section of a broken rod handle telescoped over a section of the blank to extend the handle of a 6' 6" spinning rod. At 6' 10" the rod has much better balance. It is one of my favorites. 

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