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Terry Dodge

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I'm not talking of the water type, I'm talking streaming shows to your TV via the internet.

Going into the Winter downtime months, I enjoy spending early mornings watching fishing shows by streaming them to my TV. You can watch such shows by searching them on Netflix and Amazon, but those really don't offer the kind of river and stream fishing shows that I enjoy watching. By opening a YouTube account you can search and subscribe to channels that appeal to your liking's and build a viewing schedule that will keep you entertained for a couple of hours. I have subscribed to many channels, many of which are local people and friends of mine, who fish my home waters.  Drew Gregory's "Hooked On Wild Waters" is one of my favorites and there is also one young man by the name of Jon B that I really enjoy watching (from Illinois, now lives in Texas) that really does a great job with his videos on his fishing/camping adventures around the country.

Those are a couple of my favorites that I stream. I would like to hear of any shows that you might be streaming.


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On 10/12/2018 at 3:09 PM, Scott Ferguson said:

One major thing I can't stand about  You tube fishing videos is the use of chest cams.  As soon as I see those shots, I shut it off.  It's also not a good sign when you don't see anybody fishing until after the 8th minute of a 14 minute video.

Where do young dudes like that get the cash to do this kind of thing.  they probably aint working at Burger King.

amazing though the quality with today's technology.

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I think it’s pretty cool, they have some real skills. I believe if you’re popular enough you get paid but not sure how it works and really don’t care. I enjoy watching them though and you can learn a thing or two as well.

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They have to consistently publish content and work to build up a large subscriber base. Their videos are monetized, so they are getting paid from YouTube based on the #of views (#of ads shown).

I imagine a lot of people are living vicariously through the YouTube anglers, especially over the winter months.

I agree about the investment in quality gear and learning all the editing tools. Some of these guys have amazing artistic skills, and the tenacity to get multiple, interesting angles and add visual and audio effects to polish it off. Add in drones and cool underwater shots and it takes it to a whole new level.

Jon B. seems to have set the bar for this.

I really enjoyed his trip to South America with Alex Peric. I also enjoyed Alex’s trip to Lake of the Woods. 

There’s so much amazing content out there these days. It’s fun to follow their antics and adventurers versus the old-school “teach techniques and pimp products” that we’ve been spoon-fed since fishing shows first aired on TV.

Great variety out there on YouTube!


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I was alluding more to (my own presumption) that they have parents that are loaded $$$.  Nothing wrong with it, they are doing something productive.

 Personally I am not interested on the ride to the airport, with weird music playing.  WTF is that freaking weird stuff called, they must license it cause a lot of You tubers use it. 

You can make a good buck with the You tube stuff.   This guy is raking in six figures giving guitar lessons.  


But I think most of them don't make squat.

They also have that Patreon thing where you subscribe and some of them just ask people to contribute a few bucks to "support the channel".



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I admire the risk taking and business savvy of these young YouTubers. In addition to $$$ they make off their channels, they’re teaming up with Mystery Tackle Box, etc. on licensing deals, promotions, etc. They are having a big influence on a whole new generation of anglers and adventure seekers. No doubt they are putting the time and effort in!

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I agree NDYakAngler is great to watch!  He has good content, and plenty of quality small mouth caught and released.  He’s a multi species guy as well.





Uncut angling is another good watch, he does a mix of ice fishing and open water ...my favorite episode is of him finding road kill on the side of the road on his way to ice fish, ties a deer hair jig in his shanty and then catches a slew of huge crappie on them 


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