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What are good beginner bass flies


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Hello everyone who fishs  for l largemouth and small mouth bass and tie bass flies.

I have a few friends who would like to tie bass flies. I am no expert but i do need help.  I need help on the tying side of things and maybe fishing some what. I just don't know what to start out on.  I know clouser minnow is a good start. But I need examples of good flies to start for both large mouth and small mouth bass. I need to know what threads to buy,  what size hooks, what type of hooks,   I just need some help on this.  I also don't want the flies to be to complex.  Maybe a few books that mite help too.  I mainly fish for largemouth bass. But have caght Small mouth bass on the flies I tie but not to the point I feel comfortable on showing.  Feel free to email me or P.M. me on here.   Thanks for the help in advance.


Email- colindanenber01@gmail.com.

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The red and white seducer fly is super easy to tie and work great for large and smallmouth bass. The woolly bugger is also a good bet. Both can be tied in many sizes, and both can look like a mess and still catch fish.

Some of the guys tie at the Bloomington fire station on occasion (winter months). Keep an eye open for Rob  Grider's posts for dates and times.

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Hey Colin,

over the last two years, these hollow flies have become one of my very favorites for largemouth, smallmouth and large white bass.  Simple to tie and you basically need only one material, craft fur or buck tail.   As seen below, I tend to favor the craft fur and I've quit adding eyes to the fly since it seems to be just as effective without them.  I'm now using mostly Mustad or Gamy Stinger hooks in size 2  such as the Mustad C52S BLN (these earlier flies below were on a size 4).  The erratic darting motion as with a wounded minnow is the key to its success.   We'll tie some up this winter and btw, think of heading over to Springfield and Anglers Workshop with Jim Z. and me later this fall in order to stock up on materials.  Rob 



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39893147672_14a301caa5_o.jpg20120311_9 by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr

These are my top four. You don't have to match patterns exactly.

1. Sponge Spider, #6 or 8

2. Stealth Bomber #4 (Sub any popper or diver.)

3. Custom Hairy Fodder #1/0 - 4) (Sub Clouser Minnow)

4. Red and White  #2-4 (Sub any streamer.)

The idea is not to have specific flies but to have flies that cover the water column top to bottom--surface, diver, mid/depth, deep.

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Colin, grabbed a dozen greenies on the hollow fly today (it is Halloween after all, I know I know but close enough, what's a vowel among friends) 

Are you coming over to Champaign for the fly tie on Nov. 10th ?  We can work on some flies if you do.



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