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Question on Vermillion and Green Rivers

Joe R

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Visiting my two college kids in Iowa this weekend and will take a long yak and waders. Was thinking about driving out  on the I80 corridor and if weather and gauges cooperate get some fishing in Friday and Sunday coming and going. Was looking for like 3 hour outings...

Vermillion: I see an area or two where I could launch a yak to snoop around. Was wondering if the lower Mattheissen parking area (off of park road) is possible to hike down to the river and wade?

Green River: Down closer to the Rock confluence the river looks less channelized and had some nice turns ..worth fishing yak in lower section? fish species prospects?

Thanks for any responses...

Last time out I fished Sugar river and that is a possibility also...

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Joe, the southernmost  (river) enterance to Matthiessen State Park has marked trails to the river. I don't feel that they are marked well but it is about a 20 minute walk to the river from the lot. Turn West into the park off of Rt 178 then take the 1st left to the last lot. Your car should be facing the trails that will bring you to the river. Pay close attention to what you are doing so you can get back to the same lot. It is a scenic stretch of river with some very nice bluffs. The fall  colors should be getting good by then. The river should be very easy to wade unless we have massive rains before then.

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Thanks John!  So i see first left there is a big parking lot a short ways down the road i can look for trails there. So safe to assume if I dont take first left and keep going straight there are lots closer to the river but there may not be trails down to river due to bluffs?

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