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Kayak PFD Suggestions


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Just looking to hear if anyone likes a particular brand/model or any other advice you'd like to offer. I'm basically looking for a PFD that is comfortable to sit in and cast while wearing. Assume the cartridge would probably be the most comfortable... however I'm curious about the the vest ones with the mesh backs.

I've watched some videos and reviews so not completely clueless... but want to hear what my fellow fishermen think. Thanks!

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Buyer beware! IMHO, the majority of the PFDs promoted by big names in the “kayak fishing” industry are over-engineered, bulky, hot and uncomfortable. They are promoting them because they are sponsored by the manufacturer and get them for free, or severely discounted. I highly recommend you try them on and see what feels best for you. 

I went to a reputable paddle store and tried them on. I got one with a thin back and without a bunch of pockets and crap. The only thing I added was a whistle, attached to the zipper.

Be sure the PFDs rating and intended use are for paddling.

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Not sure of your budget, but I got the Cabelas tournament 4000 inflatable.  What sold me is that its type ii as well as great foam placement.  The foam is nice as I had issue with the high back ones and my kayak seat.  Most fishing pfds are type iii.  The ii are more likely to get and keep your face out of the water.  Downside is it's an inflatable.


And as Eric said, they them on.


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