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Shakey Finesse fishing


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Have you fished the shakey head jig technique yet, Ken?

I'm intrigued by this, and apparently it is HOT with the pros as of late.

I've been messing around with various jigs the last couple years trying to get the worm to stand straight up on the bottom....then came upon this.




Recently the new buzz word, "shakey head", has surfaced.


I've used a "shaking" method for several years.


The "shaking" method, (jiggle your rod tip "side-to-side"), on the fall or when resting on the bottom,

to impart the desired action on the worm.


Another method---keep the line taught, tap on the backside of your hand, the hand that is holding the rod.

The vibration is transmitted thru the rod and line, down to the worm, causing it to move in place, like a live critters slow movement.

A more effective action can be imparted, when using superbraid lines vs mono.


(Stiffer (med to MH) rods work better over light or limber action rods).


The "head style" shown in the photo, meerly a flat spot on a ball head jig, will stand up, when you place it on a glass table top. (Try it on a uneven bottom, like in most lakes and streams---it falls over or to the side, and will snag up).

You can make your own version, from a ball head jig.

Place the jig in a vise, or suitable tool to keep it in place, and file a "flat" on the jig head, using a coarse file or rasp.


There are a variety of "standup" head jigs on todays market, that will suffice.


I prefer a "mushroom" or "button head" style jig, for the presentation method, described above.

Bait Rigs "OddBall" jigs are great---a few avid anglers I know of, really like this jig head style.


"V" shaped style standup head jigs work well to.

The head is in a wedge shape, flat and flared on the bottom, with the point at the hooked eye.


BaitRigs "Slo-Poke" is very effective, in moving waters, such as stream and rivers.

Great for fishing in weeds and wood.


A jig with the "tie point" at the "leading end", (such as a slider® head, or the like), is the most effective for a more horizontal presentations, such as wade or stream fishing.

(Ball head jigs get hung up or snagged to easily. They get wedged in crevices, rocks, or the like).


Ball-head jigs, or jigs with the tie point on top, are more suited for verticle presentations,

such as fishing deeper waters and from a water craft.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks Ken! Excellent ideas, and very helpful.


As I was searching, it dawned on me.....

There is almost nothing that hasn't been showcased on YouTube.....LOL


So lo and behold, I entered the search term and found some interesting viewing:


Shaky Head Rigging


How to Fish the Shaky Head Rig


You mentioned the "falling over" aspect, and that is exactly what I thought when it turns completely upside down in the second video.

You nailed that one very accurately indeed.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I took my 8 yr old grandson LMB fishing today, in a nearby pond.

After a couple "show-N-tell" lessons on how-to give the Kut-Tail worms the "shaky-thingy-look",

he was catching fish.

It took him about 2 hours to catch 15 LMB, but he sure got the hang of it.

Now all he wants to do is "shake-skake-shake" that worm.

(No hard shakes, just side-to-side shaking of the rod tip, did the trick).


A couple guys fishing nearby, came over to have a look-see.

When they departed, they were heading to GAT's to get some Kut-Tail worms.


A couple of roofers, working on a house nearby, had to come over to see what the kid was using to catch all those fish.


It was HOT and WINDY!

But, the fish were biting.

The fish were in the riffle area---(riffles caused by the wind).

Nil, in the calm water area.


PS---the previous 3 mornings, the fish were in the calm water area---

go figure.

NOTE---the conditions were different, which, I believe, had a lot to do with it.


Whats next?

Kut-Senkos----more to follow on that matter---


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