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Grandt Rods:)

kevin summers

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]So I know we all have our favorite Rods.. Who can own just one? I have been a fan and supporter of Grandt Rods for Approximately 10 years. Not being wealthy, I have an 007 All American spinning rod MEDIUM Heavy which has enough backbone to catch large pike, Small mouth and walleyes all the fish you may encounter in your endeavors. I unfortunately broke my first Grandt rod and it was due operator error. Evidently, you don't tighten your drag down all the way down when fishing a 20 pound carp just because your getting spooled a few times. I actually spoke with Jim Grandt and he was kind enough to replace This Rod for free... Lifetime Guarantee .. A Man of his word even when operator error was Involved. This Christmas my wife purchased an 007 A a faster tip spinning rod which was perfect for large panfish and river smallmouth which made this rod bend quickly and is super sensitive. In a kayak mishap, this summer in Michigan, I encountered a Mean strainer and flipped in a deep hole , I lost the007A pole.. actually lost my kayak as it floated downstream and the other Grandt rod as well.. In my old days I would have been CRAZY!! I didn't drown big upside, swam to shore and yes I was wearing a vest with waders which was quite an Interesting Situation. In the Middle of NO Where I started to wade back to civilization. I found my second favorite Grandt rod in a Sand bar, 4 feet under water, continued on my trek telling myself my Yak days were done FOREVER! I waded another 1/2 mile or so and in the distance I see a green Pescador stuck in a tree jamb. The Paddle lease had hooked into the tree and was holding the yak in the tree jam. I Flipped it over and low and behold there was my box of lures stuck in the front of the Pescador logo bunged in front, $200.00 to $300.00 of river lures which I had figured were gone, tightly sitting under the Logo. Never buy a Cheap Paddle lease..lol. My 007a was MIA and in a couple of weeks I saved some money and along with cash I had saved for a fishing trip and I replaced it with another 007 A. Local company, great service Made in the USA and I received a returning customer discount. While in Door County a hooked a 3 lb Smallie, on this pole and it was a perfectly matched fight. I can't say enough about Grandt Rods and if your looking for a higher quality rod you owe it to yourself to check them out.

Kevin Summers
The Fox River Fishin Musician

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I have had nothing but good luck with their guarantee policy, speaking to Mr Grandt he is a a man of his word! I liked thee 007 B 6 1/2 spinning for large fish.. But the 007a was great for extreme feel and big panfish and handle the last 3 lb bass on a wacky worm with ease. They are out of Arlington Heights and their high price rods are very decorative! I am a public services Manager/arborist/ musician so simple sensitive rods work for me..Pm me if you wany some info, I am no expert by any means but my St. croix, Falcon rods are stiiting in the garage for special occasions and these rods are my bread and butter rods.

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I have a 6 ft med heavy baitcasting rod from Grandt.  I won it in a Bass Tournament on Lakes Evergreen and Bloomington some 10 years ago. I still have it and love it!

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