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7/14 Apple River Wade Outing

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Here is an opportunity to fish the scenic Apple River located in the far Northwest corner of our State. The Apple is located in a driftless area untouched by the glaciers. It offers scenic bluffs, rock formations and riffle, pool, run smallmouth habitat. This is a small stream so we will limit the number of participants. Call Paul Trybul 815-540-7775 to reserve you spot.

This is one of the few rivers in northern IL that is running relatively low and clear. At this point I have only had 3 people call to reserve their spot. We could do 2 groups of 4 or 3 groups of 4 with another experienced leader. I have room in my car if someone wants to meet in Rockford and carpool at 6:45AM.

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They are calling for some rain to pass through tonight and then there are some scattered shower chances through out Saturday. It not perfect conditions but I'm still up for fishing if conditions allow. We do need to keep and eye on the river gages as a storm passed through the night before last years outing and the river jumped up 10 feet in a day. I feel good about anything below 4.5ft and falling. Anything above 4.5 foot and rising and cancellation is the safe choice.

Here is a link to the gage I go by:


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