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Sgt Tommy's Kids Fishing Day - Volunteers Needed

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Can you help at this event? Please let us know!  No experience required. 


Twelfth Annual Sgt. Tommy's Kids Family Fishing Day

Sgt. Tommy's Kids is proud to announce our Twelfth Annual Family Fishing Day, created to teach children about the outdoors. It is our mission – and our privilege – to encourage children to Take it Outside!

When:    Saturday June 16, 2018 from 9am to noon. (Check-in begins at 8am)
Where:   Herrick Lake in Wheaton, IL
Who:      Children 3-15 years
Why:      To promote youth appreciation and education of the outdoors

The Family Fishing Day is completely free, hosted in appreciation of services provided by military, police and fire personnel.   

Each registered child will receive a brand new fishing pole and tackle kit to enjoy the rest of the summer as you remember to "Take it Outside!"  
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Thanks for posting this! I'll be there around 7. Free lunch as well as the hot and buttery corn-on-the-cob for all. Sno-cones, popcorn as well.

Event was filled at 350 kids registered a month ago.  So, we're looking forward to a great day!!

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van is loaded. i put in a fly rod for doing demos if we have enough workers to cover regular casting. we could probably get some young workers to run the felt fish .    i missed one event and it just made the whole summer feel weird .   i saw dan basore on  monday and he will be there

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luckily the heat kept the numbers down. mark,mike,forrest and craig and i made for the smallest amount of workers we ever had there. all worked out fine and the hot corn and subway sandwiches topped off the fun teh kids had.   this cold one is for you SgtTommy !

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