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Andy H

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Hi All!

I'm a long time lurker, first time caller.  I know its cheesy but had to do it.  I just purchased my membership so may be a bit premature in this post.  

 Ive been fishing on and off for 20 or so years in and around the Rockford area.  This means I started in high school and am in mid 30s.  Ive always enjoyed smallmouth the most of all the species I've caught.  And usually wading for them.  This past fall, I purchased a fishing kayak and planning to get some more time on the water with a wet line.  I've got a young family so I've got mainly good intentions at this point.

I had some luck today while I was starting my holiday weekend a little early.  And thought I'd pull the trigger and sign up.


First one of the day shook the hook as I was trying to land him.  I looked up to see a snake swimming directly toward me.  Time for a new spot.  Second spot, I caught and landed one.  Third and final spot, I caught this one and one more.  All on a ned rig.

Am sure you'll be hearing more from me soon.





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13 hours ago, Ed Buric said:

 There are a great bunch of guys up around the Rockford area 


 Don't forget Terry. He lives up here too.

Welcome aboard, Andy. Always nice to hear of another Kish Rat. Look forward to meeting you. Let's hope the Kish stays a little more stable this year than last. Look forward to meeting you.

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I am impressed with how observant people can be.  My Ned rig wasn't front and center in the shot but still noticed.  My brother had commented on it as well.  I've been a fan of jigs and dead sticking, so ned seemed like a natural progression for me this year. 


I've never done the Apple River.  Always wanted to.  Will check and make sure I'm available that day.  


I've met Jude once or twice before but it's been a handful of years ago.  My wife used to work with him.  And Jude had almost gotten bit by my dog.


Not in the habit of taking shots solo nor carrying scale/tape.  I've used my rod in the past.  And Terry is spot on with 17".


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