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June 10 Fox River kayak fishing tournament


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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Kayak Bass League (KBL) and Rocktown Adventures in Aurora are hosting a kayak fishing tournament on Sunday, June 10.

It is officially called the “Kayak Bass League Northern Open.”

This event is open to the public. You do not need to be a member of KBL, but all KBL tournament rules apply.

To register, first sign up for TourneyX (free), and then register for the tournament ($75).


If you’re interested in tournament kayak fishing, this is a good way to begin. A single day, in-person event is fun/exciting, and typically has a bigger payout than online regional events.

I have no affiliation with KBL, so any questions should be directed towards the tournament director (go to link above, bottom of that page).

Good luck!

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Thanks. The rising, muddy river proved challenging early. Fishing improved as the day wore on. Loaded up and relocated five times over four different towns. Overall, fairly quiet on the river. Only ran into competitors at one location. 

My original plan was topwater, but laying awake all night and listening to that nasty thunderstorm had me rethinking everything. Despite giving topwater a shot at select locations, caught everything on a swim jig.

KBL runs a tight tournament and Rocktown Adventures in Aurora were gracious hosts. Thanks to Kip O. for bringing some frosty beverages. 

Hopefully there are more Fox (or local) kayak fishing tournaments in the future and they can attract a larger field of competitors. We ended up with 17 signed up, so they were able to raffle off a $999 NuCanoe "Flint" fishing kayak! Kudos to all that participated. It was a fun venue.

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Nicely done Eric. 

Also, it was nice meeting you. I was the guy that was wearing the very similar shirt :) 

Despite the battles with the weather and a few of my “go to” areas not producing, I still had a good time. I would also be interested in some more events like this, even if they were less “official”. Always good to get some friendly competition going. 

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