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A list of tournaments?


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Hey everyone! Been relatively inactive on the site for a while.. I've been very busy with grad school arrangments. I had a few nice fish the past couple of weeks before this random and brutal cold front came knocking on our door. My best outing so far this year was last Thursday, April 12th - landed 13 bronze in an hour and a half, two females over three pounds. Very rarely do I experience days that productive, I'll remember it for the rest of my life.   I've included some pictures below from a few of my outings. 


Anyways, to the topic at hand..  I was hoping you guys could list out some tournaments you may know of, or participate in. I have yet to enter this niche of fishing, but it definitely interests me. I do not have a boat, only a kayak. The only two tournaments that I am familiar with are the Bronzeback tourney and the golden bones carp tournament. Both of these are put on by Midwest Angling and happen to be fly rod only but I would be interested in participating in any event, be it fly rod or conventional tackle. Thanks and tight lines! 




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There are in-person and online events you can fish from a kayak. You need to familiarize yourself with the rules for each organization / tournament, as there are nuances. Read and re-read.

Fish need to be caught from public waters with public access. Some tournaments are all-inclusive (lakes & rivers), some are lakes, and some are moving waters only. Be sure to understand what type and the boundaries.

Bass are scored on an approved measuring device (bump board) and rounded down to the nearest quarter inch. I use a 26” board from Ketch, which is KBF and River Bassin’ approved.

Depending on the organization and tournament, a unique identifier and/or code may need to be clearly visible in the photo.

All tournaments are “catch-photo-release” and use an app or website where you submit your geotagged fish photo. Tournaments have a live leaderboard where anyone can follow along.

Google the following:

Kayak Bass Fishing ... KBF is nationwide and has in-person and online tournaments. Membership required. Uses the TourneyX app and/or website.

Kayak Bass League ... KBL is a local club, membership required. They typically fish IL and WI.

River Bassin’ ... Nationwide in-person and online tournaments. No membership required. Uses a website to submit fish photos. 

There are entry fees for all tournaments.

Good luck.

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Just picked up a Ketch bumper board and became a KBF member! This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks again for sharing the information with me, 


One question: if I’m kayaking the fox and I do not have service will that impede the gps tracking in TourneyX? Am I only allowed to fish where I also have cell service? 

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You can fish the waters specified within tournament boundaries/rules, regardless of cell service.

As long as you have location services enabled on your phone and have the preferences set correctly (it varies from OS to OS), the photo will be geotagged and you can upload it when you have a good signal ... provided it’s within the tournament timeframe.

I recommend doing a test upload prior to the start of each tournament — which is allowed and encouraged!

Late photos won’t be accepted.

If it’s an in-person tournament and you don’t have cell service, you need to stop early and visit the tournament HQ and submit your photos.

I think the rules section on the KBF website covers these issues.

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