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Kayak Name

Terry Dodge

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1 hour ago, Ed Buric said:

I don't have a kayak but I do have canoes. I sold Old Red when I bought Gnu Red. The cedar strip canoe that I built is named Bonnie after my wife who is also a fine girl.



Old red is still alive and well.  I've put enough river miles on it that it was in need of skid plates.  I put these on about a month ago.  Please ignore the clutter in my garage, it's a work in progress and haven't even finished unpacking since the move.

Before photo.  I cleaned up the areas that had worn through the outer layer of royalex and filled with two part epoxy






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16 hours ago, Ed Buric said:

I'm so glad that Old Red is still alive and doing well. My wife Bonnie, who is a fine girl, said not to sell her( Old Red that is ) and to be honest I am kind of sorry that I didn't listen to her.



I am glad you didn't listen!  I'd take that as a life lesson, my wife reminds me all the time when she is "right".

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19 hours ago, Paul Trybul said:

You see I've been through the rivers on a kayak with no name

It feels good to be out on the water

In the river, you can remember your name

'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain

Sounds like she's an America(n) Girl.

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2 hours ago, Terry Dodge said:




2 hours ago, Paul Trybul said:

I helped you carry it. Fully loaded it felt like a battleship.

Yeah you did, maybe we can find a few places this year to fish that aren't as difficult to put in /pull out at. Good thing for that rope though to pull the Battleship up the bank.

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Great Idea to name your boat.  I have a homemade canoe named after the  African Wildebeest, the Gnu for short. 

Two other boats came with the name already on them-Wenonah and Lowe.

When you get a faster kayak, Terry, name it Liquor, because "Brandy is dandy, but liquor is quicker."


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