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Cabelas wading boots


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I have a pair of size 10 Cabela’s wading boots for sale. I bought them a couple years ago, wore them one time and discovered they were too small.   I put off returning them now they are discontinued. I’m asking $50. I can bring them with me to the Blowout if someone going is interested.ECF11CDB-32E5-494A-9459-36451FB2BAB8.thumb.jpeg.4bbe582354995468213175a82f8a6dc5.jpeg90D3DBFD-99C5-414C-A4A2-3C889AF43500.thumb.jpeg.836ad84f87175dc39fe939d2e8ea9d70.jpegD6E6D912-82A4-4616-9D55-CEA22546C5D0.thumb.jpeg.3af5a0b592543bc761244ca5808fa966.jpeg

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I just tried to exchange or return the exact same pair or similar pair yesterday due to a seam that was coming apart and was told the same thing. Then they wanted to give me $29 on a gift card instead.

I told the girl the store still has them on display and another store says they have them in stock. After further review and checking inventory again suddenly a pair in my size appeared. Thanks to my smart phone I was able to obtain this information and left with a brand new pair of boots for even exchange.

Almost the same .

Cabela boots.jpg

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