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Drone Pics 2018


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The Drone came out this past weekend. After an hour of updates and charging of batteries, I took her up to 399 ft and snapped a pic. Maybe next weekend, I can do another flight.

I also attached a picture from a flight I did in late Spring. 





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I never had the pleasure of fishing those ponds. But I have heard many stories about the fish quality.  

Do you have any pictures from that area before the digging started? 

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Manny, I found this photo which I believe is one of the two larger ponds that were along Danny Bs property. There were about 6 ponds varying in size. Traveling between them was rather easy. The small pond farthest to the west had some huge smallies in it.. A road ran along the ponds by Danny's property. If I recall properly it swung down to Tiger hole  and then down to the second island to about where the pump is now. The  one closest to the river was a good largemouth pond. Some of the ponds held some nice channel cats and crappie. All had bluegill. It was sad to see them go.


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Sounds like a fisherman's wet dream- ponds all around you, a river next door.  And now, just a big old open wound.  


I recall somebody telling me the story about how it was sold under false pretenses.  


Thanks for sharing. 




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