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Split Cane Baitcast and Fly Rods.

John Gillio

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A fellow I know is looking to sell or to find info on a couple rods that fell into his hands recently. I am not highly versed in split cane rod building, but I will relay any info I can about the rods. Sam, the fellow who now owns the rods, says that he was told they were custom made by a clients great grandfather. His name appears on the baitcast rod. No other info can be found on the rods or their handles.

The fly rod is three pieces. The butt end is 36 1/2" long, midsection is 28", and the top section is 31". The entire rod is approximately 7'11 1/2" long. All seems look very tight. The finish is not chipped. The thread work is very nice also. Spacing of the guides is different in the top section than the rest of the rod. All three sections are warped however. The top section is very warped.Photos:                         5a3ac1f74fd16_DSCF3384(800x600).jpg.98c0f98afc55ec4518a52c220668b06f.jpg5a3ac2184aeae_DSCF3385(800x600).jpg.1c2899e14b0fd6617942b6ecc5a736d0.jpg5a3ac22f2f8a4_DSCF3386(800x600).jpg.83c0f4388229084bd0eecdeeced0be3e.jpg5a3ac2435f3ca_DSCF3387(800x600).jpg.edcffe1217a1fbf34969f90de8a67022.jpg

The baitcast rod has a slight warp in it as if it were displayed horizontally on a wall for a long period of time. It has two sections. The butt which measures 26"' and the top which is 40 1/2". Other than that it looks fine to me. Approximate length is 5' 6 1/2".  Photos:


In the photos, what appears to be bubbles in the finish is just dust on the rods.

If anyone has further info about these rods or if there is an interest in buying them, please call Sam at 815-343-7019




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