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Boundary Waters

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My best memories of great Smallmouth fishing are the trips my father and I took every year for many years camping and fishing in the MN Boundary Waters and the adjoining Ont Quetico Park. I figure it won't be long before ISA sends an expedition up there.  well, maybe.

There's news about a foreign mining operation with big plans to mine right next to the park.  Congressman Tom Emmer (R)  MN is promoting a bill to allow the mining. Please read and act as you will. Those parks are Smallmouth treasures.


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On 12/14/2017 at 10:27 AM, siusaluki said:

I spend a week up there every year.  Why can we not leave good enough alone!

I decided on ffing up in the Boundary Waters in the 60's after witnessing a friend of my father catch walleyes and bass with a white bassbug during a white fly hatch.

These days at least whenever any politician comes out in favor of trashing the environment for a quick buck you can always count on there being an (R) behind his name

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