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pat cohen's frog

rich mc

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i got to see his frog fly up close. first thing i noticed was the tight packed hair, second a double mono weedguard, third was two beads on the hook bend to tilt the frog butt down. forth was he dyed colors on the ultra suade with a brush,no markers .last was the way the hair was trimmed on top with a valley between the eye sockets . superb fly in all aspects . maybe john can photo it when the website gets fixed . rich mc

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Frog legged version




Stank legged



Pat's description:


This is a swimming frog slider. The legs are my flutter legs. Once wet and moving they kick out creating a frog that is fleeing. This pattern is tail weighted, making it always correct itself in the water. This also aids in a realistic resting stance. All of them have a white to yellow mottled faded belly.


PS rich, when you get older I will show you how to do this. Right today I figure you' d get in too much trouble.

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Far too pretty to fish with, probably takes an hour to tie but I would like to know more about fleeing frog legs.


The large ones (2/0, 3/0) cost about $15 a copy. There is a fly you can retire on if you can find a market.

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