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Follow-up: 2017 Blowout Trip Winner

Terry Dodge

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Got the chance to meet up with my 2017 Bronzeback Blowout silent auction trip winner of the

Kishwauker River south branch, Mr. Ken K####er.

We met in Cherry Valley at 1pm., I explained the plan, dropped my car off at one forest preserve, and then drove to another forest preserve to put in for a two (2) mile up-stream wade of the Kish south branch. Stepped foot in water at 1:30pm.

Ken hooked the first fish of the day which was a 13" walleye. Strange for the south branch.

The bite was tough on this day but we did manage a few fish and had very peaceful and enjoyable day in the water.

Wildlife sights were bald eagle, turkey vulture, some kind of slithering snake, red tailed hawk, a dog, a horse, and 4 kayakers.

Soft plastics were the only thing we could get them to bite on.

Ken ended the day with 6 smallmouth and 1 walleye.

My day ended with 8 smallmouth.

Ken had the big smallie of the day that taped at 13 inches.

Stepped foot out of water at 7:30pm.

Pics from the day....



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