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reading list for radiation/chemo and recovery period

Norm M

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I don't know if I'll get thru all of these in the 10 to 12 weeks it's going to take for treatments and recovery . If I can't fish , I can continue educating myself and have compiled this list for that purpose . Some of these are real heavy duty reading .


From my personal library :

The Ecology of Running Waters by H.B.N. Hynes University of Toronto Press, a reread this is the book that brought worldwide research together and gave the whole movement of studying the ecology of running waters it's start . Heavy duty but a must read for those interested in the subject .


Wildstream-A Natural History of the Free Flowing Stream by T Waters a reread this book is a worthy follow up to Hynes . It covers everything that contributes to a river in that river's valley .


How Fish Work- Fish Biology and Angling by Sholseth a reread this book,s title is a fairly accurate description of the content .


The First International Smallmouth Bass Symposium American Fisheries Society a reread a collection of scientific papers submitted for the symposium


The Warmwater Streams Symposium American Fisheries Society same as above


Response of Fish to Habitat Structure in Standing Water American Fisheries Society same as above . If time runs short this is one that will be skipped until the river freezes .


IDNR pamphlet Aquatic Plants - Identification and Management a shorty but goody



From the Kankakee Community College Library :


The Fishes of Illinois Illinois Natural History Survey by Smith


Handbook of Freshwater Biology Vol 2 Life History of Centrarchid Fishes of USA and Canada by Carlander


Freshwater Ecology Principles and Applications by Jefferies and Mills


Exploring Ecosystems - Rivers and Streams by Martin


The Rivers Handbook Vol 1 Hydrological and Ecological Principles by Catlow and Petts


Black Bass Biology and Management by Sport Fishing Institute Symposium collection of scientific papers submitted to the symposium



From the Public Library system :


For the Love of Rivers - A Scientist"s Journey by Fausch


Elements of Physical Hydrology Vol 2 by Hornberger, Berg, Raffensperger and D'Odorico


Aquatic Plants of Illinois- An Illustrated Manual Including Submersed, Floating and Some of Shallow and Muddy Shores by Winterrenger

How to Know Aquatic Plants by Prescott


A Manual of Aquatic Plants by Ogden


A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America by Voshell


Textbook of Limnology by Cole


Handbook of Common Methods in Limnology by Lind


Likely more than I will get to in this time frame but I'll have the rest of my life to finish reading them and others I'll find . A lot of real heavy science but I believe that the more you learn about how rivers work the better you will understand how to fish them .


Who knows maybe I'll be inspired and have the knowledge to write followups to Current- A River Primer that is available in various forums online that I wrote some time ago .

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That is such a heavy list that I can't even lift my lap top with it on the screen. I am glad to see you are setting a high bar for yourself. I am not sure how you feel about fiction. If you need to come up for air sometime in there, here is a lighter list in the fishing fiction category.


Moby Dick (fishin' fer the whale)

The Old Man and the Sea

The Nick Adams Stories

A River Runs Through It

The River Why


Note that this list is in order by literary value. If it were a list of my favorites, it would read in reverse. There is a movie version of each one though the Nick Adams is hard to find. The others come in CD, Streaming, and sometimes VCR. (Jaws and The Perfect Storm are also rans.)


From second hand experience of people in my family, I know that cancer treatments are taxing, draining, or whatever. I will be pulling for you.

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something a little different is a catalog from do it molds. they photo all the styles of jig heads, enough to make your mind think of what might work better. feather craft fly catalog for stealing ideas for those jig heads and to laugh at the cost of some of the fly outfits. rich mc

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