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Hope all is well, and everyone is having tight lines this summer. My name is Rory, and I just moved to Chicago to start working next week. I am from Nashville, TN, and graduated from Indiana University last May. I am excited to be living up here, and want to start finding some bronzebacks. I am an avid fly fisherman, and have started fly tying in the past year.


I am excited to join the ISA, and meet some of y'all. In the meantime, can anyone give me a lead on a place close to the city. I am living near Wrigley, but also have a car. I am going to check out the harbors soon, but have also done research on the rivers surrounding the Chicagoland area. The Fox and Des Plaines rivers look great, and I would love to gather some intel about where to wade and explore.


I am excited to be here and ready to start catching fish.



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​Welcome aboard, Rory. In my humble opinion you came to the right place to accomplish your goals. While we are not a fly fishing club per se, we do have a very active fly fishing component. I strongly recommend that you attend some of our upcoming events as the best way to learn the local waters. I would recommend you start with our POT LUCK PICNIC which will be held at the Glenwood Forest preserve on the Fox river in Batavia.

Ed B

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Hi Rory. Even before the picnic, this Sunday, we are gathering to plant water willows in the Fox River. Aside from helping to restore some smallmouth habitat, it would be a good time to meet some other members who can give you some good information about the river. While we don't allow guys to post exact fishing spots on the forums, when you meet fellow members face to face, guys generally give out locations freely. Plus you'll get a free lunch. I guarantee you will get more from a few hours here than you could learn on your own in many months. You'll get back your investment in your dues and then some. I hope we will see you there.

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thank you for the replies. i look forward to start exploring some local waters. I looked at the calendar on the website, and saw both of those events. i would like to attend both, i cannot make it this sunday because of the cubs game. i will try to come to the picnic on the 29th, that should work


thanks for the replies

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The picnic is the place you want to go. You'll have a great time and get tons of info.

You are always welcomed up here in the northwest region. We can't fish :blink:!!!

I'm sorry, let me rephrase that....

I can't fish, and the rest of the guys up here are are waiting for the river levels to drop from all the damn rain

we keep getting. The ISA is a fun bunch of guys and gals and I'm sure you'll enjoy your experience as long as you take

advantage of all we have to offer.

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